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Engineering environment with
widespread automation, offering
increased productivity for installation

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A wealth of powerful analytical
, allowing accurate
and realistic modelling of
installation processes.

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Dedicated installation specific
post-processing, including
code checking, fatigue
accumulation and summary

Pipeline Installation Analysis Software

PipeLay has been developed by Wood Group Kenny in collaboration with key industry partners, such as Allseas, HMC, Petrobras, Shell, Saipem and Technip to provide a modern, easy to use, state-of-the-art solution to the problems associated with deep and shallow water pipeline installation analysis.

PipeLay has been designed from the ground up as a specialised engineering tool allowing data to be input in language familiar to the pipeline installation engineer, rather than in more complex finite element terms. The software automates many of the tasks associated with building finite element models, optimising designs, running analyses and presenting results in a report-ready format.

PipeLay has been widely validated against third party software and it is now generally regarded as the superior tool of choice for offshore pipeline installation analysis within the industry today. Please refer to our PipeLay Factsheet for full details on features and applications.



  • Increased productivity for installation engineers

  • Easy to use, modern Windows™ based application that works in today's computing environment

  • Support for all feasible installation scenarios 

  • Sophisticated and accurate finite element solver based on Flexcom

  • Significant level of detail achievable including complex in-line structures 

  • A single license allows unlimited instances of user interfaces for model building and results viewing 

  • Backed by the Wood Group Kenny established track record of continuous product development in addition to unrivalled client maintenance and support services, with over 90% of queries addressed within one working day to help keep client projects on track 

  • Wood Group Kenny provides migration services for users of legacy tools who wish to move to PipeLay 



This is a concise 2-page document which provides a very high overview of the software and its capabilities.